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The Woman I Used to Be

When life tries to break you, sometimes you have to let it. And when the door to your new life is literally locked, you get creative and break in. But when domestic abuse survivor, Melanie Davenport, does this, she doesn’t guess that a gun-wielding, small-town sheriff will catch her.


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I absolutely loved this book! It was well written, and the story line was really good.

Beta Reader

Ok, so Melanie/Savannah must be a Virgo because she is me! (minus the DV) but wow. I was tuned in on this book from the first page. The author was very good at immersing the reader into the world they built that I didn't even realize I’d tuned everything else around me out until I was a few chapters in.

Beta Reader

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About Sydney Cameron

Sydney Cameron read her first adult romance book when she was in the fifth grade. Her dad found her older sister’s book on the kitchen floor, handed it to her and said, “Here, read this. It’s Lindsey’s book and she’s smart so maybe you’ll learn something.” The book was a Harlequin Romance book titled, “In Need of a Wife” by Emma Darcy. Sydney doesn’t think her dad would have recommended the book to his 11-year-old daughter if he had bothered to read the title or look at the cover.

But Sydney read it and learned something; she really loved romance books.


Already a bookworm, she dreamed of writing her own romance novel one day, and even attempted to several times, but fear and doubt kept her from completing it.


She became a journalist instead, telling thousands of stories spanning a decade.

She found herself moving state to state every two years, covering national tragedies like the Charleston Church Shooting, the opioid epidemic in Northeast Tennessee, hurricanes, murders, and rocket launches on the Space Coast in Florida. She has crafted countless stories as people have trusted her to share their heartache and grief, successes, and dreams. But she never accomplished her own dream of writing a novel.


Now with children of her own, Sydney wants to teach them to be fearless and that starts with being fearless yourself. So, she wrote a romance book, despite the niggling doubt and insecurities that still flood her mind. It’s the culmination of a 20 year dream and now that she’s started, she plans to keep writing.

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