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Cover Art Released for Romance Book

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Check out the book cover for “The Woman I Used to Be”

Here’s the book cover for my debut novel! It will be released very soon, and I’m so excited and proud of myself for accomplishing this life-long dream. I think giddy might be the right word to sum up my feelings.

I finished my final round of revisions and the book is being edited now. It’s crazy to think two years ago I was telling my therapist about all the things I wanted to do but couldn’t because of [insert excuse]. It’s scary as hell stepping out into the unknown, but I did it. I successfully changed careers, and I’m publishing a book. How’s that for conquering fears? What fears or goals do you want to slay?

Melanie Davenport, the main character in “The Woman I Used to Be”, has a lot fears that need to be slain. And Sheriff Zack Lawson might be the one to help her do it. I hope you choose to journey with Mel on her path to healing and love.

Book Synopsis

When life tries to break you, sometimes you have to let it. And when the door to your new life is literally locked, you get creative and break in. But when domestic abuse survivor, Melanie Davenport, does this, she doesn’t guess that a gun-wielding, small-town sheriff will catch her.

Sheriff Zack Lawson admits meeting Melanie didn’t go great. The tiny woman screaming about bubble baths actually was NOT the crazed stabber stalking town that he was diligently looking for. But, technically, she HAD been breaking into his home. Something about the timid, confounding woman draws him in, though, affecting him like no one ever has. Zack may be harboring self-doubt about his track record as Hamblin County’s newest sheriff, but he knows one thing: Melanie is everything he’s looking for in a woman.

However, Melanie would rather slam doors in his face. She has every reason to distrust charming, smooth-talking men like Zack with a smile so sexy it thawed her icy heart… but only a little. The more time they spend together, the more Melanie sees him as a strong, caring protector who is helping her rediscover the vibrant, sassy woman she used to be. But if Melanie’s going to rebuild the shattered pieces of her life, she must confront the real reason she ran away from home because it wasn’t her abusive husband. And her secret could end up killing her and Zack.

Don’t miss the release. Using your phone, text the keyword “femistry” to 872-282-0790 to receive a text message when it releases!

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