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Sydney Cameron's Biography


Does anyone ever really know what to write in their bio? (You’d think after a decade of writing several bios about myself I’d have this down to a science.) But no, I always find myself staring at the blinking cursor while it taunts me and my inner voice screams I’m not an interesting person.

But here we go, in no particular order. I have a horrible habit of not folding laundry in a timely fashion (think weeks), I love my four year-old and one-year-old sons as much as they drive me bananas, and I have a teeny obsession with the color turquoise. Also, I hate cheese. I’d rather stay-in on Friday night and read a romance book (I also might talk to the characters like they can hear me) and have to pause movies during awkward moments because I get secondhand embarrassment.

I worked as a TV news reporter and anchor for a decade, making stops in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. I won a couple awards along the way:

Tennessee AP Broadcasters & Media Editors Awards:

  • Short Serious News Story: 1st place, 2017

  • Best Reporter, 1st place, 2017,

  • Best Reporter, 2nd place 2016

  • Best reporter, honorable mention, 2015

Oh, and I skipped high school and started college at 14 years-old. Great experience, but definitely too young to decide what I was going to be for the rest of my life. (Which probably explains how I ended up following my passion for writing and became a struggling reporter. I wish someone had told me to major in engineering or some other lucrative profession.)

You’ll probably see me writing about an eclectic group of topics on my blog: motherhood (the stripped-down, real version because despite what some say, there are MANY days you just want to quit), marriage because if you’ve never wanted to throw something at your spouse you’re doing it wrong (and no, I am not advocating domestic violence), and romance because we could all use more love in our lives.

Happy reading!

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